Work Environment

Technical and Certification Training

Vibrant was built from the ground up to be the best, most focused firm of its kind in the industry, focusing exclusively on high-end technical and certification training, allowing us to offer the optimal learning experience to our clients.

Our focus is on the creation of an exceptional training and work environment that engages client and fellow employee alike; that harnesses enthusiasm and allows for explosive growth both in the skill set of its staff and the knowledge of its clients.

A Little Of Our Story

Support and Infrastructure

Vibrant offers the benefits of both a small and of a more established firm. Locally, each field office is run as an entrepreneurial venture, but with the national support and infrastructure provided by a larger, experienced firm. We are a highly profitable, rapidly growing company with huge credentials.

Vibrant operates training facilities at the following locations:

We are constantly seeking qualified applicants in all categories to continue growing our team. Offices that are not yet open generally interview for key positions between 8 and 16 weeks prior to opening.

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Training Professionals

Looking for experienced and dynamic Training Professionals

Successful, premier technical training firm seeking technical trainer to enthusiastically share knowledge of Microsoft technical software in training seminars to both corporate clients and individuals.

We are positioned at the highest end of our industry; demonstrably offering the best solution to our client base as we begin our expansion. Our facilities, our staff and our training programs are truly second to none.

You’ll be in an empowered, exceptionally team-focused environment where you can constantly learn and contribute; where there are no corporate politics and where your co-workers will be as driven and as motivated as you.

Tip: Taking the time to respond to our specific requirements and how you meet and exceed them will vastly improve your chances to stand out from the crowd.

Job Responsibilities

  • Deliver technical training seminars primarily at our training facilities
  • Help build ongoing relationships with each student
  • Staying current and knowledgeable in the IT industry
  • Assist in the technology implementation of the local office
  • Ongoing projects and special assignments beyond traditional training programs
  • Report directly to the local General Manager
What we require

Successful candidates will have

  • Exceptional, proven presentation skills.
  • Technical expertise in one or more aspects of current technology (such as Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT, Visual programming languages, web development and / or Cisco hardware).
  • MCSE, MCT or similar certification preferred.
  • Must be able to communicate with all skill levels of students.
  • Minimum of three years of IT experience.
  • High-end, professional approach and demeanor.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive training and development programs that keep you on the cutting edge of technology, helping you obtain the newest certifications.
  • Access to the latest hardware from leading technology firms such as Cisco, IBM and HP
  • Dynamic, aggressive, challenging work environment at our A+ class training facilities
  • Substantial opportunity for advancement to ultra-high-end training programs, consulting opportunities, national support positions and management
  • Aggressive base compensation and bonus program based upon candidates experience and past success in similar positions
  • Additional free technical training on a space-available basis
  • Every employee is an owner of the company through our stock option program