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Technical Training Solutions

Vibrant delivers technical training solutions. Designed to be the highest-quality solution available in each marketplace we serve, Vibrant offers hands-on, instructor-led training programs from premier training facilities. In our specially designed classrooms, each student has their own system. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow our trainers to cover a variety of topics quickly and in substantial depth.

This web site has a substantial amount of content outlining Vibrant’s features and student-focused programs, but often our clients do a better job explaining why you may want to consider Vibrant for your I.T. educational needs.

Corporate Training

We invite you to read some of the Feedback we have received from our clients.

Training Philosophy:

Vibrant understands that students need to be actively involved in the learning process. Our trainers use a proven four step method to secure knowledge transfer.

First Explain:

The information is reviewed in verbal detail.

Second Show:

Using a variety of classroom visuals we give the student a mental picture of the process or idea.

Third Do:

Either thru labs or classroom simulations the student is invited to demonstrate their understanding of the concept at hand.

Fourth Review:

The trainer completely reviews the current topic making sure to check for a complete understanding on behalf of the student before continuing onward.

Using this technique the student is assured that their new knowledge is retained and can be accurately transferred back to the workplace.


Microsoft Certified

Every Vibrant Facility is proud to be a certified Red Hat Training Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions.

Training Professional

Every Vibrant Training Professional is required to be a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) before teaching their first seminar.

Official Course

Every Vibrant Microsoft official course is delivered by a MCT that is certified in that specific course, and on Vibrant equipment that meets or exceeds Microsoft's equipment requirements for that course.

Why Select Vibrant?

Training is not a commodity; therefore all training firms are not the same. In much the same way that the best academic institutions provide a better educational experience than cut-rate, discount organizations can, top-quality technical training firms offer a better experience, better training, and better results than firms that simply cut corners to lower their prices. We may not be the cheapest technical training firm you’ll find, but we are completely focused on delivering the highest quality solution in a cost-effective manner. How do we accomplish this lofty goal?

Vibrant combines the best of both worlds – the latest technology and concepts in training design, and the knowledge of industry experts that have been developing technical training firms since the Red Hat and Microsoft certification was the new big thing. Our staff has the background and experience to help you and your team reach your I.T. education goals.


All of our trainers are Red Hat and Microsoft Certified IT professionals who bring real world experience into the classroom. Hired for their presentation skills as well as their expertise, they are then put through one of the most rigorous development programs in the industry, backed by constant evaluation.


Our facilities are designed for one thing only – providing an outstanding learning environment for IT professionals. Equipment, furniture, facility layout, even the selection of complimentary snacks are all carefully designed to promote a comfortable and alert student who is excited to learn.

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