VIBRANT TEAM consists of experienced Networking Engineers, Certified Trainers, Project Leaders, System Analyst, Developers, and enthusiastic Customer Support Engineers.

Our Customers have learnt few things from our enthusiastic “VIBRANT TEAM”, extraordinary quality, outstanding value, and great training.

All of our trainers are Microsoft Certified IT professionals who bring real world experience into the classroom. Hired for their presentation skills as well as their expertise, they are then put through one of the most rigorous development programs in the industry, backed by constant ongoing evaluation.

Our trainers use a proven four step method to secure knowledge transfer.

First Explain:

The information is reviewed in verbal detail.

Second Show:

Using a variety of classroom visuals we give the student a mental picture of the process or idea.

Third Do:

Either thru labs or classroom simulations the student is invited to demonstrate their understanding of the concept at hand.

Fourth Review:

The trainer completely reviews the current topic making sure to check for a complete understanding on behalf of the student before continuing onward.