Length 3-4 days* (recommended)
Prerequisites Basic networking knowledge, knowledge of Windows Server and/or UNIX, and experience with TCP/IP and the Internet
Take this class if

  • You are a systems administrator, security manager, or network engineer who manages NGX R65 Security Gateway deployments
  • Want to earn Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) NGX R65certification #156-215.1.

Check Point Security Administration I NGX (R65) is a foundation course for Check Point’s flagship product, VPN-1 (NGX R65). This course provides an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure VPN-1. During this course, students will configure a Security Policy, and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network.

You will learn :

  • How VPN-1 components and Check Point’s three-tier architecture works to secure your network.
  • How to perform command-line operations using Check Point’s Secure Platform operating system.
  • How to back up critical files and directories, for availability and timely recovery of Security Gateways and Smart Center Servers.
  • How to create objects and rules and modify a Security Policy’s properties
  • How to use monitoring tools to track, monitor, and account for all connections logged by Check Point components.
  • How to configure network-bandwidth requirements and interpret the results.
  • How to use Network Address Translation to overcome IP addressing limitations.
  • How to verify the identity of users logging in to VPN-1 using authentication schemes.
  • How to implement LDAP, and integrate it with a Smart Center Server.
  • How to protect organizations from known network attacks and entire categories of emerging or unknown attacks, using Smart Defense.
  • How to configure Web-filtering and antivirus settings on a Gateway to ensure traffic content is inspected for specific conditions.   

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